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Zagreb / Hrvatska

Shaita Shaita is a one-woman (and her cat) project from Zagreb, Croatia. During the day, Shaita sleeps while her society-friendly alter ego works in the area of literature and film. During the night, Shaita comes out to play with her instruments and gadgets (and her cat). Her work was published on a CD (“Inside”, German label No Emb Blanc), EP (“Halfasleep” French label Seventh Crow Records).

Several of her songs and videos were published on different compilations (labels based in France, Germany, USA, Croatia) and a few of her songs were used on film, commercials and theatre.

Shaita owes her existence to a washing machine that, at her age of 7, made her sit in the bathroom for hours, thinking of melodies that would fit the rhythm. Afterwards, she learned how to play more instruments, but stayed mainly concentrated on rhythmic or meditative melodies, with a special attention on vocals and lyrics.

She played in a few bands with real people (from choral to blues and punk), still collaborates with many music-pals from around the world but mostly creates in her home studio, in the company of her cat.