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Bronze a.k.a. Amphetax:

Zagreb / Hrvatska

Bronze a.k.a. Amphetax BronZe's first contact with music was when he was about the age of 10. He annoyed his parents (not to mention teachers in school) with constant slamming, stomping, making noise with the doors, cutlery and all the things that came to his hands.
He started out producing music in late '90s under influence of Pete Namlook, Geir Jennsen, autechre, Move D and many other artists. He was never limited to only one genre which reflected to his production. From chill over experimental to tech kinds of music he was always trying to give his songs a piece of himself. Which can be judged by listening to his works.
By dedicating his life to multimedial art, specially music, BronZe could be described as a very creative person. Namely, besides music making, he is spending his free time doing web design, graphical art, songwriting etc. as well as working on realisation of his numerous enthusiastic ideas.