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Zagreb / Hrvatska

Draco The machine will never cease to function... Drone DraCo was born and raised in Croatia, escaping the Collective,
and currently residing at the nation's capitol city Zagreb from where he runs a netlabel Diggarama together with his friend bLURiX (all heil Diggarama!).
He was influenced by the many old legends of the electronic music since he's following the party scene for the most of his life. Usually well known for his wild taste in music, but often drifts away to some weird roads of electronica showing himself and the others that new styles and forms can be chained with the oldschool way of dealing with music. From hard stomping gabber and hardcore techno sounds, over 303 madness at the dancefloors with some nice turns to drum'n'bass parties then back over to goa trance euphorias and with the constant of harder techno sounds with detours to Warp records influenced idm music DraCo's attending parties and plans to do it for a long long time in the future... Gathering positive vibe, experience and influences.

Never surrender, never dance alone... Until now, he released some stuff on independent Slovenian hardcore techno projects, on Diggarama label, his music was used in one very nice art movie called "I Communicate" directed by the Donna Tamosaitis and some more surprises are coming real soon. More of a producer and less a DJ, he played at Underwater Overground 4 festival in Croatia, some hardcore techno parties in Croatia and Slovenia, Diggarama label party and planned gig is festival in Germany with the unknown stardate so far.

Dancefloor is like a playground... Live long and prosper because victory is life.
Terok Nor Draco: Terok Nor