GC aritsts


Zagreb / Hrvatska


Expozed and GMC meet from the very beginning of their faculty obligation. They realized
that they have same passion about music, especially for electronic music.

Soon they started to exchange their songs and mixes, making hard critics to each other and consulting what to change.
They decided to meet once or twice a week at GMC place to made a serious noise and damage to his speakers. 
There was no compromise, from one extreme to the other, mostly their production various from sick,dark and deep minimal to mellow and ambient down-tempo.

It was very interesting to hear two different styles collide in one, in one moment it sounded like noise of million mosquito put in effect box but in other, like mellow and airy strings with reasonable musical notes.

They put some hard work on their production to achieve a bit of perfection, although every new song are different and unique.

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