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Mazel Source:

Saint Etienne / France

Mazel Source

Mazel Source is a young french dj, who try to create a new soup with a minimal house base.
His first release came thanks  to a remix contest organised by FOEM and the famous italian dj RINO CERRONE,
in the end of 2008. Actually, "Exnovo" (Mazel Source remix) is one of the best sellers on Rilis Records.
After winning several contests on the same site ( FOEM ), he starts now a carrier with his own productions,
with the first EP signed on Architronica Records: "Baysak Street EP", and a second one: "Six Feet Under" Ep.
Mazel Source wants to make move the planet, but takes his time to grow up, signing remixes for friends (Dual Shaman, Niala'Kil, Mylo Salte, Johan Elg, Fabien Dalzin, The Ego, Task Kreed).

Some of the new demos are supported by Laurent Garnier. He likes to play with music, finding new ideas every time.He's reaching his own touch, because he needs to add something different to the music universe.

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