GC aritsts


Bruxelles / Belgium

Gr-oy Grégory Calay aka 'Gr-oy', born in Belgium and partly raised in Germany, is motivated by music and greatly interested in computer programs. No wonder then that he quickly decided to put these two things together and electronic music became his real passion. In early 2000’s Grégory started producing electronic music using Reason and Fruity Loops but then life intervened.
After a very long break, he seriously restarted his own productions in 2009 but  this time with new inspirations and tools.
His style can be defined as a mix between deep techno/house and dark down tempo.
As his major influences he lists artists and labels such as Thinner, Swayzak, Ellen Allien, Sascha Funke, Luke Vibert, Kompakt, Dessous Recordings, Warp, Massive Attack,…
2010 has been a good year for 'Gr-oy' as his productions have been released on Indigo Records, Incense Records, RBL Records and releases on Melodica Netlabel, Schallgut Netlabel and Kosmo Netlabel are coming soon.