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Daniel Marshall:

Epsom/Great Britain

Daniel Marshall I was born in Surrey, England and have recently moved to Loughborough University. I like to experiment with all types of music, but I am mainly into drum and bass. I like to think my style is to take elements of other genres and experiment with them in the form of drum and bass.

I began to develop an interest in drum and bass and electronic music from an early age, listening to artists such as Omni Trio, Aquasky, E-Z Rollers, Flytronix etc. And along with modern drum and bass artists they are some of the main influences behind my music. I never really had a musical background and I didn’t ever learn to play any instruments, but around the age of 17 (2008) I became very interested in production through computer software. Starting out with the demo of Fruity Loops and Reason, I spent a lot of time learning the basics, finding out how music worked and how it can be produced through computer software.

It wasn’t until early 2010 that I started to understand the programs fully and began producing liquid drum and bass tracks, mainly through use of samples and synth presets. As the year progressed I began sampling myself and using synthesisers to create my own sounds. At present I am looking to invest in better equipment and really start taking my production to a serious level. The EP on this label will be my first ever release and I really hope it can be the starting point for me to progress further.