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Zagreb / Hrvatska

Blashko Blashko (Bla¾ Habu¹ 1982.) is an electronic music producer from Zagreb, Croatia. His work marks the beginning of cooperation with “EGOBOO.bits” net label that was among the first released music under a Creative Commons license (initially under the GNU GPL and after the Creative Commons). During this creative period he released 12 albums including the highly acclaimed "Fresh Fruit", "Mutesic" and "Doctor 9". After a short period of absence from the scene, he dedicated time to solve faculty and family obligations, after on he independently released the album "Luis" and a series of unrelated releases. In conjunction with “Home Made Electronica” he released his comeback extended play "Comeback" (2010) and "Mislead Intention" (2011) and "Shine" EP (2012) will be published by Groovecaffe label this year.
Shine EPBlashko: Shine EP