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Musical collaboration VA - Unit vol.1



VA - Unit vol.1

6 tracks - 30 min 13 sec - 43,6 MB

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01.Zucchini - Mellow4:41(6.8 MB).mp3
02.Zucchini - Mellow [BronZe dig RMX]5:17(7.6 MB).mp3
03.Tatsu - Inhale5:17(7.6 MB).mp3
04.Tatsu - Inhale [eXpozed vibe RMX]4:33(6.6 MB).mp3
05.Geronimo - 303 main st.3:25(4.9 MB).mp3
06.Geronimo - 303 Main st. [NuLix hard RMX]7:00(10.1 MB).mp3
VA - Unit vol.1. Skipping time and distance, we provide for u first collab EP.Coined from artists of respected Japanese label "Bump-foot" and different approach on the same matter. Hope u will enjoy our first collective musical trip.

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VA - Unit vol.1
Musical collaboration, 2009 groovecaffe netlabel.