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Bronze a.k.a. Amphetax Dreamer




3 tracks - 15 min 57 sec - 23,1 MB

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01.BronZe - U bring life5:35(8.1 MB).mp3
02.BronZe - Through these eyes5:16(7.6 MB).mp3
03.Random Angels - Late night session no.15:06(7.4 MB).mp3

His second EP doesn't disappoint, actually it is continued approach to bring us his recognizable music style.
Bronze EP has many of the innovative qualities, emotional approach to composition and pestiferous dancing patterns, suited between euphorically dream and melancholy.
Third track is bonus track unite in project group with a name "Random Angels", you will hear more from this project in the future.Whole ep is pulsating dream bauble, that wield to get a control of your mind and body, knowing that u ‘ill be expose your self to mystical body moving: Dream, you dreamers…

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Bronze a.k.a. Amphetax, 2007 groovecaffe netlabel.