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Stig Inge Frozen Water



Frozen Water

3 tracks - 14 min 56 sec - 21,5 MB

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01.Stig Inge - Sore Spot3:46(5.4 MB).mp3
02.Stig Inge - Snoove5:24(7.8 MB).mp3
03.Stig Inge - Sunday5:46(8.3 MB).mp3
Frozen Water.

Beginning with contemplative “Sore spot”, strongly melodic ambient instrumental with deep bass and vocal overlays, album lead us to more complex melodies.
The hypnotic second track “Snoove” is a brilliant procession of doom synth marches, randomized melodic arpeggios and slow-motioned deep sound.
"Sunday" opens proceedings in nice deep drones fashion with a slow executioner’s drum, female plastic vocals and a “Kraftwerks” arpeggio, brooding form of ambient trance dripping with atmosphere.

Inge’s Dark-SCFI music with vocal textures that rise and fall to striking effect, all integrated seamlessly, proving that his tunes explore outside the rigid genre of electronic beats and sequencing.

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Frozen Water
Stig Inge, 2007 groovecaffe netlabel.