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Random Angels Escapist




6 tracks - 31 min 36 sec - 45,5 MB

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01.Random Angels - Escapist intro3:23(4.9 MB).mp3
02.Random Angels - Desolaced4:54(7.1 MB).mp3
03.Random Angels - Counting the Clouds4:40(6.7 MB).mp3
04.Random Angels - Drones Quest[slim RMX]6:16(9.0 MB).mp3
05.Random Angels - Escapist [extended]5:59(8.6 MB).mp3
06.Random Angels - Valkyrja6:24(9.2 MB).mp3

Swimming gently through the sounds, Escapist EP explores new levels of sound wonders and showing that Random Angels manage to put up a show presenting new sounds of deep music for lazy days and halcyon moments. Subtle, stylish, soothing and smoothing... This EP shows that true deep music will never go out of style.

Escapist - introduction tracks with movie atmosphere with subtle vocals.

Desolaced - desolated and atmoshperic, melodic and minimal-ish, pumping and stomping... Deep house in a true meaning of a word with dubby proggramed sounds and warm organ chords.

Counting the Clouds - everyone tried during their lifetime to count the clouds... Now imagine doing so while listening to this track. Sountrack for a dream.

Drone Quest - harder track, but still deep... Experimental music with different approach to sounds. Combination of powerful synths, drone stuff and interesting rhythms.

Escapist 2 - a sequence to a introduction track. Powerful, dark and deep... Stomping all the way through the track fat beats will make your head spin. Layered so intelligently so you'll have to listen to it very loud.

Valkyrja - serene, groove-ish, melodic with slow deep beat with really dreamy strings carry this track making showcase out of her.

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Random Angels, 2007 groovecaffe netlabel.