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Terok Nor

3 tracks - 15 min 38 sec - 22,5 MB

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01.DraCo - Terok Nor5:52(8.4 MB).mp3
02.DraCo - Avalon4:18(6.2 MB).mp3
03.DraCo - Mesmerized5:28(7.9 MB).mp3
Terok Nor .

Somewhere in deep space lays mysterious space station Terok Nor (previously used as a mining center crewed by slaves).
Draco’s inspiration with SF stories is also reflecting in a way that he chooses sounds and arranges music and moods on this EP. Music inspired by space. Highly evocative genre of electronic psychedelia with ethno instruments (didgeridoo), processed synths and weird phrasing effects. Light-and-shade approach that is repeated on all tunes in the album, kept in check by simple melodies and a very reflective pace.

Teron Nor is a recommended EP for Star Track fans, although newcomers and noobz are welcome, few more listens reveals some wonderful moods inspired by mysterious “space station”.

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Terok Nor
Draco, 2007 groovecaffe netlabel.