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Bronze a.k.a. Amphetax Eternity




3 tracks - 15 min 4 sec - 21,8 MB

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01.BronZe - More than you know4:37(6.7 MB).mp3
02.BronZe - Touch4:10(6.0 MB).mp3
03.BronZe - Watch you sleep at night6:17(9.1 MB).mp3
Eternity. From here to eternity sounds are heard and recognized. Following the form and function the only thing that remains after continuous listening is a constant feeling of happiness. Up, up and away the sound goes and memory remains after happiness is gone. Like the memory which inspired this spacey EP, the memory of certain someone that is left after some things perished and only good thoughts are here in form of easily recognizable vibe and mesmerizing EP that will be in your player for a certain period of time. From deepest depths of producers soul and mind come this special EP, with a special signature in all of 3 tracks saying "Tribute to Ivana". BronZe's in control...

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Bronze a.k.a. Amphetax, 2007 groovecaffe netlabel.