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Stanislav E. Rasovsky (Irokez) Enfeeblement




6 tracks - 30 min 50 sec - 44,5 MB

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01.Irokez - Deeper Depth04:18(6.2 MB).mp3
02.Irokez - Piano Rain03:39(5.3 MB).mp3
03.Irokez - Enfeeblement06:07(8.8 MB).mp3
04.Irokez - Alert Pacific05:38(8.1 MB).mp3
05.Irokez - Goldie Mother05:03(7.3 MB).mp3
06.Irokez - New Rebirth06:05(8.8 MB).mp3

Russian artist Stanislav aka. Irokez manage to presets us cinematic instrumental stories.From beginning till the end of album Stanisalv firmly lead us trough his music escapades. Starting in a tuxedo manner, continued with melodic break-beat, album has it own tempo from lounged moments with jazzy sax to weird d’n’b atmosphere.
His look back on trip-hop jazz downtempos with sounds mostly sampled, simply cuted and reunited in colourful sound pictures. Disjointed in layered melodic tunes, with recognizable concise arrangements, his music brings us circled tale of joys and pains, false and misconception in todays "modern life".
We hope that this album will be highly regarded among electronic aficionados and occasionaly ambient music lurkers...(R.S.)

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Stanislav E. Rasovsky (Irokez), 2008 groovecaffe netlabel.