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Stig Inge Irritation




4 tracks - 25 min 11 sec - 36,4 MB

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01.Stig Inge - Ben5:19(7.7 MB).mp3
02.Stig Inge - ADS7:16(10.5 MB).mp3
03.Stig Inge - One6:35(9.5 MB).mp3
04.Stig Inge - Call Me Later6:01(8.7 MB).mp3

More lush mystery from Stig Inge , this German tech-producer second creation picks up very much where the debut but more on a darker danceable side.

Rhythmic in structure with deep bass grounded in dub, breaks and 4/4 beats of the modern electro-dance floor, calling old ’80.The digital patterns and textures of club music are still detectable for those with sharp enough ears.

Hole EP carrying clear-cut recognizable artist sound and some minimalist, bubbling themes. Ominous but still beautiful; a minor distraction of darkling beetle, otherwise intriguing release.

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