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Various artists (Expozed, GMC, TapeRecorder) First Trip



First Trip

6 tracks - 22 min 27 sec - 32,3 MB

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01.( MB)
02.TapeRecorder - Phlegm4:45(6.8 MB).mp3
03.TapeRecorder - Sayonara4:09(6.0 MB).mp3
04.TapeRecorder - Runway4:31(6.5 MB).mp3
05.TapeRecorder - Calm down4:18(6.2 MB).mp3
06.TapeRecorder - End4:44(6.8 MB).mp3
First Trip. Taperecoder’s debut has some very exciting and challenging music. Artist’s mange to present us completes musical pictures that flow from song to song in an unbroken musical spell. The energy starts pulsating slowly at beginning and brilliantly finishes with track call “End”. They put some hard work on their production to achieve a bit of perfection, although every new song was perfection to it self, different and unique. Their goal is accomplished and results are here for your pleasure and listening hunger.

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First Trip
Expozed, GMC, TapeRecorder, 2008 groovecaffe netlabel.