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Max Gruzin Chaos Theory



Chaos Theory

3 tracks - 26 min 6 sec - 37 MB

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01.Max Gruzin - Depth of Chaos08:38(12 MB).mp3
02.Max Gruzin - Distances10:13(15 MB).mp3
03.Max Gruzin - Countdown07:15(10 MB).mp3
Chaos Theory.

EP was written like a series of soundtracks for his non-commercial game that will be released in the first quarter of the 2009. Here are some quick notes that Max is mentioned to us:

The main feature of the game is that it's not like other puzzle games (jewel quest, Zuma, etc.)

In every next level it's more and more difficult to concentrate on the game play, because you're being disturbed by audio and visual effects (ambient noises, sound effects, camera glitches and so on).

The game is called so, because of the mechanism of the balls that are moved. 'Chaos' is also the main idea represented by the kinematics and music of the game.

Max’s recordings leave aside good impression of just perfect background for upcoming game.

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Chaos Theory
Max Gruzin, 2008 groovecaffe netlabel.