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Damolh33 Swim with the tide



Swim with the tide

4 tracks - 23 min 43 sec - 34,1 MB

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01.damolh33 - Foment5:35(8.0 MB).mp3
02.damolh33 - Cult6:33(9.4 MB).mp3
03.damolh33 - Assumption6:09(8.9 MB).mp3
04.damolh33 - Swim with the tide5:26(7.8 MB).mp3
Swim with the tide.

Damolh’s album point us to roots in glitch minimal and progressive beats, spiced with beautiful melancholy ambient noises and spaces.Floating schemes and minimal drum arrangements characterized whole album. Starting with melodic “Foment” homage to minimal house, second track “Cult” go more too experimental way with reverberated string and robotized vocal sequence.Continued with “Assumption” beautiful track in downtempo ambient context with meditative chords album ends with serious album score”Swim with the Tide” mastered in glitchy production techniques with layered organic stub that moves.Ultimately album emerges as interesting personal music view and surly shows prospect for young talented artist.

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Swim with the tide
Damolh33, 2009 groovecaffe netlabel.