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Musical collaboration sessions@tunnel || mixed by Kiki



sessions@tunnel || mixed by Kiki

1 track - 100 min 10 sec - 229,3 MB

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01.sessions@tunnel mixed by Kristian Nardic100:10(229.3 MB).mp3
sessions@tunnel || mixed by Kiki. Deep, down and dirty... Soundtrack for the future, for the dance floor, for the home, for the car and for general listening.

Jumpy and euphoric... so the story goes. This one will leave no one calm and quiet. Like mentioned before done for everyone's taste and ear, a gem in the collection and spark in the dark.

It's groove all the way and it electronic to the bone. Eclectic from time to time, but with a dose of seriousness... Like some people like to point out - for the clubber that thinks. But this one has an add-on... for the clubber that thinks and dances the night away.

As always does, spontaneous playing growth in successful collaboration musicians from different countries, Slug9 comes from Great Manchester, John aka T.Tobsen comes from Berlin and plays guitar and synth in one of session and of course Expozed and Nulix.

You can also hear in da mix a never released track with vocal done by Mladen Konecky. This collaboration material was mixed by doyen of Croatian electronic scene Kristian Nardic – Kiki, who skilfully combined 35 live sessions’ tracks in unique 100 min. sound story. Let the brightness in; enjoy your sound endeavor... This is the journey into sound... (I.G.)

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.
sessions@tunnel || mixed by Kiki
Musical collaboration, 2009 groovecaffe netlabel.