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Damolh33 Contemplate




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01.damolh33 - Please / preview6:28( MB).mp3
02.damolh33 - Source / preview6:14( MB).mp3
03.damolh33 - Untitled States / preview6:01( MB).mp3
04.damolh33 - Foment (F.l.o. rmx) / preview4:51( MB).mp3
Contemplate. The voids of our minds are strange... somewhere leaking memories, somewhere seeking out new depths to discover. This release takes you deep... way too deep you can possibly imagine. Groovy and punchy with simple but yet catchy deep melodies. Put you groove on, dear sirs and madams. Somewhat minimalistic but not boring, repetitive but innovative, perfect summer grooves.

Depth is the range of one's understanding or competence. Depth is intellectual complexity or penetration - profundity, so to say. Depth is lowness in pitch. Depth is the measurement or sense of distance from an observation point - such as linear perspective in painting or linear grooves in music. Depth is something essential. Depth...(I.G)