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GMC We could kiss



We could kiss

4 tracks - 19 min 21 sec - 23,1 MB

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01.GMC - For Kiss ft. Expozed / preview5:26(6.5 MB).mp3
02.GMC - Hoki / preview4:24(5.2 MB).mp3
03.GMC - You Are Not Here & I Don't Like You / preview4:23(5.3 MB).mp3
04.GMC - Not Going / preview5:08(6.1 MB).mp3
We could kiss.

Oh boy, oh joy... summer vibes, eclectic soundtrack, full time fun. Deep and melodic, but yet intelligent and not monotone in any way. Sure way to stay focused for listening on repeat. So say all of us and you'll have to agree... You don't believe? Give it a try, then.

Versatile... sometimes jazzy but still stylish and at some moments dangerously experimental but in a good way. There are so many ways for artist to express oneself, but doing it like this - clean and deep, melodic and influences gathered from everywhere, that's a done deal.

Title "We could kiss" explains it all... moving and grooving, and you can do a whole bunch of things while listening to this. Not just kiss. Word.(I.G)