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Josh Winiberg Those Nights



Those Nights

13 tracks - 73 min 2 sec - 78,1 MB

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01.First Light3:05(3.1 MB).mp3
02.Before the Storm7:20(7.4 MB).mp3
03.A New Day5:25(6.1 MB).mp3
04.Beyond the Horizon4:23(4.9 MB).mp3
05.Return5:24(5.8 MB).mp3
06.Gathering Clouds8:36(8.9 MB).mp3
07.The Storm7:12(7.6 MB).mp3
08.You3:39(3.7 MB).mp3
09.Those Nights9:31(10.1 MB).mp3
10.Stars in a Dark Blue Sky3:47(4.1 MB).mp3
11.From Within7:39(8.1 MB).mp3
12.Hidden by Shadows3:39(3.9 MB).mp3
13.First Light (Electronica Mix)3:22(4.4 MB).mp3
Those Nights.

“Those Nights” begins with “First Light,” one of the most haunting pieces I’ve heard in awhile.

A repeated note sets the rhythm for the gentle, atmospheric melody. Played at almost a whisper, it’s amazing how so few notes can be so powerful. This piece alone is worth the price of admission, as is its reprise at the end of the album. “Before the Storm” is a bit more complex but is also reminiscent of Eric Satie.

As the piece evolves, a variety of themes alternate with the original theme - very effective! “Return” is very quiet, introspective, and soul-searching, and was written during the time Winiberg was composing “Silent Embrace.” “Gathering Clouds” is a concept piece that begins very gently with lots of open space between the notes.

In the second section, the fluttering notes on the left hand could indicate wind.The third section picks up energy and turbulence as the clouds become more ominous. Winiberg paints a vivid picture of the beginnings of a major storm - sometimes calm, sometimes frightening - a great piece! Not surprisingly, “The Storm” follows with dark drama and lots of power. The quiet moments of this piece make the swirling storm even more effective. The title track is amazing.

Spontaneous yet cohesive, the various themes describe a pensive, reflective mood and let us in on the inner thoughts of the composer. “Stars In a Dark Blue Sky” is a bit jazzier in style, but is still slow and thoughtful. “From Within” is about letting the music take its time to emerge organically and for the composer to act only as a medium, not forcing anything. “Hidden By Shadows” is wistful, mysterious, and very moving. As I said, the electronica mix of “First Light” is as extraordinary as the solo piano version. If anything, the electronic sounds make the piece even more haunting - wind and electronic instrumental sounds add more colors and intrigue. Bravo, Josh Winiberg! Keep up the great work!

Kathy Parsons

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Those Nights
Josh Winiberg, 2010 groovecaffe netlabel.