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Nulix Sons of Daughters



Sons of Daughters

6 tracks - 48 min 7 sec - 110 MB

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01.Alchemical resonance5:36(13.0 MB).mp3
02.Chayot15:04(34.0 MB).mp3
03.Merkaba10:22(24.0 MB).mp3
04.Grief6:53(16.0 MB).mp3
05.The Other Side of the Story5:41(13.0 MB).mp3
06.Solar Seed4:31(10.0 MB).mp3
Sons of Daughters.

Musical ideas that where present just in traces and fragments on his “past” work. It becomes dominant theme on this album.Album consists of six subtle ambient parts emerged in to forty-eight minute soundtrack.Sound pictures that stealthy blows you trough author’s cosmic “fable”, where soothing sound meets orchestral pulsating harmonics. With some influences of earlier ’80 “ambient scene” ranged from chorales, radio frequencies recordings to more prolific streams and structures. These little life discoveries at the end of albums suddenly shapes in to organized conceptual "mosaic” map of awakened consciousness. Take your time for listening album because it is not on first ball, enjoy your journey…

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Sons of Daughters
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