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Escale Electronique

3 tracks - 16 min 5 sec - 36,8 MB

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01.The Evil Groove05:43(13.1 MB).mp3
02.Escale Electronique05:17(12.1 MB).mp3
03.Nostalgica05:05(11.6 MB).mp3
Escale Electronique.

Three different perspective yet coherent, emphatic, mellow atmosphere run through all three tunes. Gr-oy’s homage to his main influences in electronic music, so to speak.

Starting with hard fuzzy bass line “Evil Groove” will drown you with deep aquatic chords in background, perfect moment for imagine that you floating in a shallows of lost island. Simple rhythmic structures combined with layered reverberated chords, suddenly forms music material that will follow you to the end of tune.

“Escale electonique” which is the main title of EP, starts with mellow piano sequence bleed in to minimal deep tune with off-road pads and decayed vocals, slowly transforming these elements to interesting music experiment. Don’t be confused, just follow pattern from the first track.

For the end “Nostalgica” will give you audio potion of strong drum filled up with nicely arranged pads and clogged jazzy trumpet, which will surely reminds you on cool lounge tunes from ’90.

While Gr-oy style is mainly tech and minimal dub tunes this mini EP reveals his desire to put his music in different context, skilfully combining “New” vs. “Old”.

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Escale Electronique
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