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Damolh33 Veronica




6 tracks - 37 min 24 sec - 39,2 MB

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01.Elapse /preview6:06(6.4 MB).mp3
02.Sink /preview5:45(6.0 MB).mp3
03.Stay With You /preview6:29(6.8 MB).mp3
04.Veronica /preview5:50(6.1 MB).mp3
05.Veronica (Mazel Source rmx) /preview6:47(7.1 MB).mp3
06.Veronica (NuLix dub rmx) /preview6:27(6.8 MB).mp3

Our penultimate release for the end of the year, and who knows after that is creative and productive duo Damolh33.They surprised us every time with excellent deep tunes.

This is really a special edition for fans of deep house, minimal sounds. Finely balanced combination of infectious percussion and reverberated piano section, "Veronica" extended play, calls for a nice slow dance with a darkened world and a fine drink in hand. EP includes two extra remixes of “Veronica” tune by Mazel Source and Nulix.

In the wake of his first editions on our label like "Foment" and then a great extended play “Contemplate ". Gabriel and Mikulas united in the project Damolh33 have established themselves as a creative productive duo high on the DJ charts, each of their music works is another story , and so this, which will surely find its way to its loyal dancers and fans of fine deep dance music. Deep Down to reach Higher Ground!