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We Are Sounds

10 tracks - 55 min 34 sec - 127,2 MB

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01.How Hard Is It To Be Weak3:54(8.9 MB).mp3
02.Procession3:18(7.5 MB).mp3
03.Shut Up And Dance6:39(15.2 MB).mp3
04.Muffin6:15(14.3 MB).mp3
05.Breakthrough7:17(16.7 MB).mp3
06.Scorcher7:51(18.0 MB).mp3
07.Riddim And Back6:53(15.8 MB).mp3
08.New Lighting5:08(11.7 MB).mp3
09.There To Mourn4:47(11.0 MB).mp3
10.All Together3:32(8.1 MB).mp3
We Are Sounds.

The album consists of intriguing live recordings made in the period between 2007 and 2009 years. If you didn’t miss brilliantly DJ set with live recordings “Session@Tunnel” then you will know a deal.

Listening to the album you will definitely notice the absence of any willingness to organize sound into a something meaningful, indeed their sound constantly hanging between fantasy and reality, which rather reflects a moment's inspiration.

Album detects a wide range of musical influences and genres that are sure to affect the sound that they produce today. Ten musical works embedded in the idea that everything in this world is a matter of inspiration, so all you need is a will to catch that moment and share.

The album features raw production, with very little intervention and overdubbing. Boys again manage to create compost of sounds that definitely will not leave you indifferent. Welcome aboard, let’s fly all together.

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We Are Sounds
Random Angels, 2010 groovecaffe netlabel.