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Lybra Blue Blindness



Blue Blindness

5 tracks - 44 min 6 sec - 46,6 MB

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01.Mátkám /preview7:18(7.7 MB).mp3
02.Bigger /preview7:18(7.8 MB).mp3
03.Blue Blindness /preview13:15(14.0 MB).mp3
04.Arctic Love /preview9:33(10.1 MB).mp3
05.Arctic Love (NuLix Soul Rmx) /preview6:42(7.0 MB).mp3
Blue Blindness. Lybra returns with prominent EP full of potential club hits that will surely to reach many DJ's in the majority of clubs from now until the end of this year. The second edition again shows that he is firmly and consistently pushes his music in the right direction.What we have here is a strange mix of powerful bass lines subsidiary, inspired collection off-road acoustic sounds, house, techno, electro ghetto beats and positive influence of dose mushroom madness ...