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Life Socks Dream Vending Machines



Dream Vending Machines

4 tracks - 19 min 55 sec - 45,6 MB

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01.Where Are You?4:48(11.0 MB).mp3
02.Dream Vending Machines5:57(13.6 MB).mp3
03.My Funeral My Trial5:28(12.5 MB).mp3
04.Prelude3:42(8.5 MB).mp3
Dream Vending Machines. The 'Dream Vending Machines EP a long awaited album ' is the perfect showcase in how to keep things diverse and interesting till the ends. Whole EP blistering fusion of electro, new waves and retro beats, will no doubt have floors in a state of mayhem. Album is their eleventh, and mixes new with old, encompassing a myriad of styles and instruments. If you love different sound and feel of electronic music then you owe yourself this EP.

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Dream Vending Machines
Life Socks , 2011 groovecaffe netlabel.