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Life Socks State Of Mind EP



State Of Mind EP

5 tracks - 22 min 44 sec - 52,6 MB

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01.State Of Mind3:29(8.1 MB).mp3
02.The Circus Is Leaving Town3:22(7.8 MB).mp3
03.Ancient4:43(10.9 MB).mp3
04.London Missing4:40(10.8 MB).mp3
05.London Missing (Nulix Tin Cup Remix)6:30(15.0 MB).mp3
State Of Mind EP.

Not too long ago when he gathered the courage and harnesses his creative gyre in the creation of this diverse genres album but still stylish and close in the wake of his first edition of "Dream Vending Machine." Album opens "State of Mind" subtle ambient themes as an excellent introduction to the music story that he want to tell ya.

Inspired by his musical role models, Life Socks deftly combines a variety of influences into his music, giving it a new dimension and space. His skillful artistic coloring and somewhat experimental arrangement completes this edition as its comprehensive and mature release.

After listening the album to the end, start over again because each new listening will reveal the layers of this fantastic new album, briefly described, beautiful, diverse, mystical and melodious... Cover Art by Kiki

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State Of Mind EP
Life Socks , 2012 groovecaffe netlabel.