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Blashko Shine EP



Shine EP

4 tracks - 25 min 33 sec - 59,9 MB

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01.Blashko - Shine6:40(15.6 MB).mp3
02.Blashko - Smile7:45(18.1 MB).mp3
03.Blashko - Heat6:42(15.7 MB).mp3
04.Blashko - Slow Water4:26(10.5 MB).mp3
Shine EP. Blashko’s debut is on label menu, happily named „Shine" will surely elicit a smile and a fine comfort in your ears. His music has that magical combination that at the first hearing caused a slightly addiction, but in this case, sound therapy would be recommend to anyone.

With potable musical arrangements and crystal clear production; album is a successful instrumental blend of various ingredients of funk, disco, house, fusion, trip-hop and jazz flavours.

This certainly mature and imaginative release could also serve as a time machine that will gently catapult you in perhaps a better "golden" period of music worth a listen from first to last note, so headphones on your ears and enjoy. Cover Art by Kiki

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Shine EP
Blashko, 2012 groovecaffe netlabel.