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Ryan Helsing Our Gift Is Our Wish



Our Gift Is Our Wish

3 tracks - 15 min 55 sec - 37,3 MB

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01.Ryan Helsing - Our Gift Is Our Wish4:32(10.7 MB).mp3
02.Ryan Helsing - Acquainted With Sorrow4:25(10.4 MB).mp3
03.Ryan Helsing - About A Girl6:58(16.2 MB).mp3
Our Gift Is Our Wish.

It is our honor to present you the first extended play by young talented musician Ryan Helsing. The subtle melodic comes from Ryan’s acoustic guitar lines which are cleverly spread across gently reverberating soundscapes. It's lush and seductive blend of lounge-downtempo music with brains and emotions.

Music that gently pulls you into its magical vibrant story for just disappear into. This first release from Ryan Helsing blends many styles of music and can not be accurately pinned to just one genre.Electronic influences may be heard in addition to downtempo and trip-hop influences.

Warm bass, simplistic percussion, acoustic guitars, and lush strings make up the instrumentation of these tracks.Interesting sonics are layered to add a level of complexity that is revealed with repeated listens. These intricate sounds allow the listener to close their eyes and be transported to a new state of mind at any time. Cover Art by Kiki

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Our Gift Is Our Wish
Ryan Helsing, 2012 groovecaffe netlabel.