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The Microgram Abduction




9 tracks - 30 min 20 sec - 73,8 MB

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01.The Microgram - Abduction00:59(2.7 MB).mp3
02.The Microgram - The Creators02:08(5.4 MB).mp3
03.The Microgram - Their Troubles06:56(16.3 MB).mp3
04.The Microgram - Whereabouts00:58(2.7 MB).mp3
05.The Microgram - Circles04:41(11.2 MB).mp3
06.The Microgram - Stasis04:36(11.0 MB).mp3
07.The Microgram - Communications Down02:00(5.1 MB).mp3
08.The Microgram - Lost on Saturn05:20(12.7 MB).mp3
09.The Microgram - 16,17,18 Home02:42(6.7 MB).mp3
Abduction. "Unknown beings abduct a man and take him on a journey through space and sound. “.... does this sound familiar, whether you find yourself in that, if so then this is definitely the album for you. Abduction is a concept album with spacey, sci – fi, desolate themes. It was created to loosely tell a story about an alien abduction and then the abductees’ journey home through space. The sounds used are mainly mysterious sounding electronic pads and effects with occasional warm, uplifting, hopeful moments throughout. We highly recommend to reading some good SF book while listen an album; in that case music shaped the perfect background reading.

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The Microgram, 2012 groovecaffe netlabel.