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Junglemire Some Kind Of Acid



Some Kind Of Acid

4 tracks - 16 min 54 sec - 39,8 MB

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01.Junglemire - Wince4:24(10.3 MB).mp3
02.Junglemire - Cage3:01(7.2 MB).mp3
03.Junglemire - Ground4:53(11.5 MB).mp3
04.Junglemire - LE24:36(10.8 MB).mp3
Some Kind Of Acid. As we have already well-predicted on his debut release, Junglemire’s EP now goes in a new direction. Music inspired by his home sessions; prove to be an excellent introduction to his music. Playing with new equipment imaginatively, spinning knobs in all directions; he leads us to new unexplored areas of his musical expression.

Do not be fooled by the title "Some Kind Of Acid" because it has so many influences and layers from which you can observe it. Infectious dance tunes exquisitely performed where some of you will surely find links in music from 80s and early 90s.

Observing his musical progress so far inevitably arises one conclusion, his sound is now much richer with concrete fashioned ideas. Decided to record live sessions with perhaps little or no correction; give his music more prolific spontaneous sound, while remaining true to his musical style. Can we expect live gigs in the near future, because that lad certainly deserves it!?

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Some Kind Of Acid
Junglemire, 2012 groovecaffe netlabel.