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Makoto Katagiri aka. dtf be forgotten



be forgotten

3 tracks - 21 min 55 sec - 50,7 MB

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01.dtf - Rubble's Flower7:08(16.5 MB).mp3
02.dtf - Bullet Hole6:47(15.7 MB).mp3
03.dtf - Footprint8:00(18.5 MB).mp3
be forgotten. Enriched with ambient pads, layers upon layers of programmed rhythm, Japan based artist know as “dtf” skillfully will present you his version of melancholic emotional electronica.

Makoto’s a bit glitchy and blurred off-road sound constructions certainly will not leave you indifferent.

Filled with tenderness and elegance, combined with hardness and aggressiveness, revealing another embodiment and complexity of human emotions, his brief and concise music storyline follows its own muses, hoping that an audience will do the same. (photo by Hiroaki Kudo)

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be forgotten
Makoto Katagiri aka. dtf, 2013 groovecaffe netlabel.