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Junglemire Moves On



Moves On

6 tracks - 21 min 12 sec - 50,8 MB

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01.Junglemire - Dexif03:25(8.2 MB).mp3
02.Junglemire - Moves On05:02(11.9 MB).mp3
03.Junglemire - Breath02:56(7.1 MB).mp3
04.Junglemire - Circ03:16(7.8 MB).mp3
05.Junglemire - All I04:07(9.8 MB).mp3
06.Junglemire - Ghosts02:26(6.0 MB).mp3
Moves On. If you haven't had a chance to experience or hear Junglemire’s music yet, then this marvellous exemplar entitled “Moves On” will probably be the right place for you to start with. Just like on his previous releases so far, the new album has its own light moments and hidden pearls, waiting you to dive for them and discover them.

All six tracks form a magical waddling ball of rhythm and a melody that moves toward you with an incredible ease. They capture the essence of beats and layering textures, enriched with vibrating atmospheres transmuted into a masterpiece of musical listening experience.

The album’s flowing sound compels you to listen to it again and again, each time revealing something new and beautiful. With a very small departure from his previous works, his new album is characterized by an uncompromised quality that he managed to convey in clear human positive vibes, which as we know now there is very little in today’s electronic scene. Congrats Ben, you really nail this one for us!

Cover Art by Bec Calabro

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Moves On
Junglemire, 2013 groovecaffe netlabel.