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R.U.R. soundtrax from theatrical performance



soundtrax from theatrical performance

4 tracks - 22 min 29 sec - 32,5 MB

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01.Androids job0:48(1.2 MB).mp3
02.Rebellion of the droids10:32(15.2 MB).mp3
03.Almighty new order9:51(14.2 MB).mp3
04.Gestation1:18(1.9 MB).mp3
soundtrax from theatrical performance. This is mini EP with 4 picked tracks (of 14) composed during April 1992, for theatrical performance “R.U.R”, performed by student theatrical group “Thespis vehicle”.
Hrvoje Hrengek adopted and directed Karels Capek originally scripts to Croatian, witch Karel wroth in Prague 1921.

After having finished the manuscript, Capek realized that he had created a modern version of the old Golem legend. He later took a different approach to the same theme in „War with the Newts“, in which non-humans becomes a servant class in human society.
R.U.R is dark, but not hopeless, and story is successful in these days when technology play significant role in humans life. The play popularized the word robot, which displaced older words such as “automaton” or “android” in languages around the world. In its original Czech, robota means drudgery or servitude.
The play premiered in Prague in 1921.In February 1938, a thirty-five minute adaptation of a section of the play was broadcast on BBC Television—the first piece of television science-fiction ever to be produced.

Theatrical group “Thespis vehicle” on guidance of Hrengek, performs 5 plays in SC “Spider” theatre during May and June 1992 in Zagreb, audience on whole plays was enchanted.

14 tracks was recorded in PARALLEL WORLDS studio with big help from Suad Cokljat and Davor Dukaric who manage whole session from beginning. Andrija Rudic and me (Nulix) played and composed tracks.
This is my first encounter with electronic instruments like PPG Wave 2.2, Roland Jupiter 4, D-20, Korg P-3 and 808.
My whole world is change since then with new visions and plans how I want to compose and play music in the future. Hope that you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoy when we made that album.

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soundtrax from theatrical performance
R.U.R., 2006 groovecaffe netlabel.