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SB-Six aka Steeboo:

Montfoort / Netherlands

SB-Six aka Steeboo Before he heard his first house track somewhere around 1990, he wasn't into music that much. It was those first lush synth sounds and electronic beats from the late ’80 / early ’90 that got him hooked. He just had to know how they made that. Started in 1993 with mod-tracker and scream-tracker, he was already hooked on producing music at the age of 15. After skipping a few years not making much he built his own studio at home. You can find lots of vintage analogue gear there that gives that extra warmth to his tracks. It was since then he started producing on a regular basis. Exploring different genres and originality are key to his musical progress. Stay tuned for a lot more tracks in the future or enjoys the ones already made!