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Stanislav E. Rasovsky (Irokez):

Electrostal / Russia

Stanislav E. Rasovsky (Irokez)

Stanislav E. Rasovsky (Irokez) was born in 1981 in Electrostal, Moscow regione.
At 1999 he was interested in creation of electronic music on ZX-Spectrum at that time.
In 2001 he started to compose electronic 8-bit music in/on tracker on PC. Since 2002 Stanislav is interested in Muslimgauze`s creative work and ambient style.
Till 2006 he has published 3 albums in styles from downtempo and acid-jazz till ambient and noise.
At the end of the year 2006 his song "Ambient 104" was published in musical collection "Inclinator" on the net-label "Nbkline" (line-010). In 2008, the German netlabel Garganrecords released album Ambient 104 EP (gargan024 ).
Also Stanislav E. Rasovsky composes musical compositions for different movies and cartoons.